The 10 Best Air Mattress For Toddlers

Nobody would disagree with the idea that comfort is a big factor in having a good night’s sleep. That’s also especially important for your babies and young children and having the right best air mattress for toddler one is the highest priority.

We know that it can be a challenging challenge to find the right air mattress for our child. In a trial and error process, want to make sure we make the right decision for our baby without having to dump money down the drain or put our child in an unhappy situation where he or she will not sleep.

Fortunately, we had already done most of the hard work for you and checked many air mattress that is actually available in the market place that is specially built for children in mind. A selection and analysis of what we consider to be the top ten best air mattresses for children available for purchase are below.

It is incredibly necessary for parents to ensure their children have the highest quality sleep, no matter what. You need to have a high-quality air mattress for a quality sleeping experience, on which they can sleep comfortably for proper development.1-Slide-12-blank3-blank4-blank-copy-15-blank-copy-26-new-block

These air mattresses can be taken wherever you go, and you can instantly inflate and deflate them. Therefore, your children can enjoy the best sleeping sessions, no matter where you go. For air mattresses, the design is ergonomic, so that the human body gets optimal support for comfort and convenience. Look below for the top 10 best air mattresses for children in 2020.

The 10 Best Air Mattress Review

AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids

AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids

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For a toddler who is too old for a crib or Pack ‘n Play, but not yet ready for a standard bed, the AeroBed air mattresses are the best option. It is really designed around the sides of four-inch protective bumpers, and even if your child were to fall off unexpectedly, the bed is just a few inches above the ground.

The mattress actually comes with a fitted sheet that straps on to keep in place comfortably and can hold up to 300 pounds, so you can always crawl into bed for storytime with your toddler.


  • Kids airbed specially built
  • The preferred solution for kids aged 4 and up
  • Includes enjoyable, child-friendly print, fitted sheet with fun
  • Thick fleece-fitted sheet for extra cushion, washable,
  • The hand-held AC pump easily inflates the mattress

With the AeroBed Youth Air Mattress, keep your little ones happy in your room. The airbed provides children four years of age and older with the convenience of their own bed, and the mattress provides comfortable bumpers across the mattress for protection.

For your little guests, the AeroBed Bed for Kids is great.

Sable Toddler Air Mattress

Sable Toddler Air Mattress

Makes a Great Transitioning Bed. Sable toddler air mattress is an excellent choice for the middle months where your infant is not yet ready for a regular bed between a crib and a regular bed.

The Sable toddler air mattress offers what you need to build the coziest and heated environment for your house. Turn your house into your own pure comfort oasis. The goods of Sable, ranging from beautifully crafted blankets to imaginative massaging machines, offer an exceptional experience of relaxation.

Product Features

  • High Weight Capacity– Punch-proof material of 0.4 mm thickness increases toughness, keeps up to 132lbs so that all the than one kid can play on it.
  • Portable Toddler Bed– For easy transporting, simply fold, roll and store the deflated air mattress in the included storage container.
  • Easy Cleaning– Any spills or accidents may be quickly washed away with a damp cloth made of clean, waterproof PVC material.

Product Information

  • Cartoon dog integrated toddler air mattress
  • actually completely safe material for PVC
  • 4-sided bumpers for defense
  • Designed for the ages of 2-6
  • Inflation/deflation 30s

A child will be happy to go to sleep in this sweet air bed with a cute dog. Bedtime has just got a lot simpler because of the Sable air mattress.

EasyGoProducts Bambino Toddler Portable Bed

EasyGoProducts Bambino Toddler Portable Bed

When you are looking for a comfortable and safe toddler travel bed for your little ones, then this bed is the ideal EasyGoProducts Bambino Toddler Portable Bed for you and your children, when growing out of a baby bed, you can use this Bambino Bed at home as a portable infant bed or it can even be used when traveling.

There is an air mattress on the bed that children want to snuggle upon. This baby bed has strengthened seams made of high-quality, puncture-resistant vinyl and a high-grade air valve to ensure air leakage is avoided.

It comes with a lightweight inflatable bed pump that is sturdy enough to inflate it for just a few seconds, rendering this traveling bed compulsory for camping journeys, holidays, and sleepovers.

Product Features

Strong and Durable- Manufactured from puncture-resistant vinyl. A heavy-duty air valve guarantees the leakage of air. A good handle makes getting around quick.

Safety- This air mattress with sides keeps your little one relaxed and secure from falling out of bed. Holding the children safe is BPA, phthalate, and lead-free.

Easy setup- Pumps up in seconds with the integrated high-speed portable electric pump and the toddler air mattress easily suits all basic crib sheets and blankets. It conveniently deflates and folds for quick storage.

An ideal traveling kid bed for Grandparent’s house, camping, holidays, and sleepovers or use at home as children grow up and move from their baby beds.

Pittman Air Mattress/ Toddler Travel Bed

Pittman Air Mattress

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The Pittman twin-size bed air mattress is ready to go anywhere the kids want to go. This full package, comfortably packaged in its own backpack, includes all your child needs for a comfortable good rest.

With the Pittman Kid bed, giving children the high-quality sleep and fun they deserve. This mattress comes with a matching trendy travel bag so that your child can be accompanied by the mattress anywhere their journey takes them.

In just under 2 minutes, this mattress inflates. Its flocked top comfort device helps to spread weight equally and makes the children relaxed all night with its 9-inch height. This air bed is built for fun and convenience and is easy to inflate and deflate with the compact battery-operated air pump included.

Convenient for traveling

All you need is one compact backpack mattress, a battery-powered air compressor, and a patch kit for a relaxing night of sleep.

Pillow built-in

It doesn’t need a different pillow! Comfort and convenience were added to the built-in pillow. With the air pump included, the mattress quickly inflates and deflates.

USHMA Travel Toddler Bed

USHMA Travel Toddler Bed

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For travel, home and hiking, the USHMA inflatable toddler bed is perfect. The kit is compact and lighter than standard beds. Until they are 24 months old, infants cannot sleep in adult beds, but most outgrow a bed at 18 months. So, what are you going to do during those awkward six months?

For those tween moments a parent dreads, the inflatable travel bed kids are the ultimate remedy. Wherever sleeping is involved, such as house, hotel, camping, this bed may be used.

Product Features

  • Both side fabrics with both popular colors of gray-blue
  • The Air Pump Manual can be used anywhere
  • Toddler Bed Any Time and Anywhere
  • Convenience and Security

The Bed Bumper is the perfect transfer option for your infant to graduate from crib to bed. The bumper serves as a passive security reminder to return to the center of the bed if a child gets too close to the edge of the bed. This bed rail provides a safe night’s sleep for your toddler and a clear conscience for you.

Sleepah Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Sleepah Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Parents also designed the Sleepah travel toddler bed for infants. The best part is that it fits the size of a miniature backpack inside the travel bag. Two pieces make up the inflatable toddler bed.

To prevent the kids from turning over, the outside section will serve as a guard. The children’s mattress itself is the second component. Reinforced vinyl features to hold over 300lbs, and closed-tight valves to block air from leaking out.

To keep the air in, dual lock valves are specifically designed. When pumping, air will not escape unless you have pulled out both the clear and the black valve. A pump with heads of several sizes is included. This pump will allow you to inflate the mattress in seconds and/or deflate it.Sleepah Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

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The leakage-proof valve stops the air from leaking as well. So, for hours, this bed keeps its form. In addition, the high-side bumpers guarantee your kids’ safety when sleeping.

Hugbino Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

Hugbino Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

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The baby travel bed gives your little ones sufficient protection with the aid of strong bed rails. This lightweight air mattress for infants also contains several of the traditional crib sheets with a better fit.

In addition, a universal hand pump is brought to you by the manufacturer. So, this mattress can be inflated easily, almost anywhere. This blow-up bed encourages accelerated inflation and makes ideal equipment for children’s camping.

A detachable inner mattress also comes with this air mattress. So, to deliver easy washing, you should easily erase this inner sheet. In comparison, this air bed’s gentle and comfortable velvet flocking keeps your kids warm and cozy while sleeping. This travel bed can be used by you as a floor bed for your house.

Buying Guide Air Mattresses

There are a few things to take into account before deciding on the best toddler travel bed for the infant, such as the type of travel mattress, the ease of use, the burden of the mobile child’s bed, and the age of the child.

If your child is actually busy or you want a better location for them, a travel crib might be more fitting. The first choice you want to make is the kind of mobile childbed is suitable for your child where a less included sleeping option is an alternative.

Are they secure?

For parents, protection is a big concern, particularly for anybody who has toddlers who like to climb. The value of most toddler beds is that they do not have sides like toddlers to do in order to be able to stand up and continue quickly. Toddlers are very vulnerable to rolling out of bed, with certain layouts featuring built-in pads or bumper pads to cover small ones.

Start searching for producers who say they have followed American Security Requirements while considering a selection of choices for the boy. Some also have foams containing healthy amounts of compounds such as BPA, as well as contributing phthalates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the ideal travel mattress rails for toddlers?

Inflatable air mattress rails are certainly the most ideal for flying, depending on size and weight. In this insightful post, learn about traveling bed railings, or check out Finest Bed Rails for the Kids Guide.

How much would a kid pay for an air mattress?

Travel beds come with diverse price points for toddlers. You would expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $90. If you are looking for cheap travel cots, a simple bargain toddler nap mat or a quick folding child’s cot might be considered.

How do you clean the air mattress?

In general, you can clean the air mattress straight in the laundry and follow the CDC’s loyal recommendations in cleaning guidelines.

How do I fill up an air mattress?

The days of manually filling up air beds are old. Now, with electric pumps, most air beds come with them. Just assign the pump to the air mattress valve instead of blowing your air mattress up on your own, and watch your air mattress inflate before your eyes.

How do I deflate air on my mattress?

In addition to inflating the room, several air bed pumps even take the air out. Test to see if the air pump is ready to deflate. You would have to reduce your air bed manually if your pump does not have that function. First, unscrew or unsnap the air valve cap of the mattress and check for air to release. To allow the remaining air escape, you may begin rolling your air bed from the end differing the air valve. Using a rope or the bed’s bag to hold it in its condensed state until you have absolutely rolled up the camping air bed.Air Mattress Pros And Cons


Instead of just beer, the reinforced framework can survive the wear and tear of flight. Thanks to the improved bumpers, which hold your bundle of joy in their mattresses, where they should be, protection can be applied inside this air mattress! With its written instructions, this mattress is user-friendly and it succeeds in just 30 minutes.

It is imperative that you do your due diligence while buying a travel air mattress for your little one and ensure that you buy the airbed that suits you and the needs of your little one exactly.

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