Family is the basic unit of society

Family is the basic unit of society-toddlers need

The family is the basic unit of society. It is the group of members of various ages who are usually related by birth marriage and adoption. The family is to provide for a child’s needs and children are unable to care for themselves. These are feeling some needs include:Family is the basic unit of society
1. Shelter- one adult member always thinks that her children should be protected.
2. Food- It comes from the mind that it is necessary to arrange the food.
3. Clothing- Arrange clothes according to need
4. Companionship and love
5. Support
6. Care and training
7. A secure environment for develops into young adults.

When the children have become adult many of the things in the list above to be provided by the family. The members of the family may also need similar support from the rest of the family member.
Family ties are the members of the family usually feel that they have a special relationship. Each other based on some of the following:
1. Knowing that they have the same ancestors of blood.
2. Need family affection all the member.
3. Duty is due to a traditional sense of obligation.
4. Share experiences of all members.

There are four types of family

Extend family

Extend family is the large family group which includes grandparents, parents, brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins, A family forms the traditional pattern of family life in many countries. The Family members of an extended are closely connected by the affection, duty or common interest. They are much help and support each other in a number.Extend family
The way such as:
1. Providing well-being at time distress.
2. Helping the parents to bring up their children.
3. Looking after the kid in the emergency.
4. Guide them any problems.
5. Financial support.
The family is the basic unit of society. In recent changes, the traditional pattern of family life has been taking place in some countries. These changes have led to weakening between members of the extended family.

The nuclear family

The nuclear family consists of parents and children and they form a self-contained family unit living in a separate household.
A nuclear family differs from that in an extended.Nuclear family
1. The nuclear family is often separated by the other family members of the extended family.
3. Parents bring up their children with little or no help and support from other family members.
3. Contact with other relatives is a matter of choice.
4. Both parents have jobs and the children may be cared for by adults who are not of a part of the family.

One parent families

One parent families the kids are bought up by only one parent. Usually, the parent is only the mother, but then sometimes is the father. The one parent has to do everything that is usually shared by two parents. Two parents provide food, shelter, a sense of security, daily care and training. This is very hard work for one parent.
One parent’s families can differ as broadly as two parent’s families in relations of health, wealth, pleasure and safety. The family situation can also change, with one parent’s family becoming a two-parent’s family or the way around.
Reasons for families being one parent:
1. Separation of the parents, Divorce
2. Death of one Parent
3. Birth to single women


Stepfamilies are one in which there is a kid who is the normal kid of one spouse in a marriage but not both.
Such a family is usually the effect of separation, or the death of a parent followed re-marriage. Since the step-child will not have grown up by the step-parents from birth. It may regularly take some time for them to alter to living together, and offenses can arise. This may be future difficult when there are other children from the step-parent’s earlier marriage to get used to.

Step familiesAs a result, the joint family is a superior family. A salty bond is formed between the child and the family.

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