Best Joovy Gloo Infant Travel Bed Review

You are giving your children a Joovy Gloo infant travel bed, a comfortable space on the beach, or a soccer game with a portable, self-inflating baby bed that can fit into a large diaper bag.

No matter the reason, when you go out on a journey. You need to get a location for some of them to crash when you start taking your crazy things out.

The infant travel bed is perfect for giving babies and big kids a comfortable place to make love when you set off on your next great adventure.

Pull down the joovy gloo travel bed for infants and pop it up when it’s time to nap in the shade. The mattress of the gloo is self-inflated, so sit back and wait for a bed to come to you.

Once it’s time to go home, press the air out of the mattress, fold the Gloo up, and you’re ready to roll.

The adventure will never wait – when wanting the joovy, not forgetting another moment.Joovy Gloo Infant Travel Bed.

Product Specification

Regular Size

  • Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Plastic, Foam, Fiber, Mesh
  • Open dimensions: 44” Large, 25” Weight, 18” Height
  • Folded dimensions: 14” Large x 5” Weight x 14” Height
  • Item weight: 3.9 lbs
  • Minimum child age: 6 months+
  • Maximum child age: 3 years

 Large Size

  • Materials: Plastic, Polyester, Foam, Fiber, Cotton, Mesh
  • Open dimensions: 51.5” Large, 28” Weight, 24.5” Height
  • Folded dimensions: 18” Large, 4.5” Weight, 17” Height
  • Item weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Minimum child age: 6 months+
  • child age: 5 years

Product Feature

  • Large and tiny for Explorers
  • Bring what you like
  • In the forest, less worrying
  • Super easy setup
  • No-pump air mattress

Parts List



  • Tent
  • Cover Sheet
  • Pad
  • Bag

Shady gowns

This infant beach bed doesn’t also fit the coastal light. The UPF 50 canopy of The Joovy Gloo infant travel bed keeps kids safe in the sun. The Standard Joovy Gloo infant travel bed comes with an opening zippered mesh, and the Wide Gloo comes with an opening of two layers of mesh and a roll-down fabric cover.

Joovy Gloo infant travel bed In and Out Facilities

According to the giant easy-to-access zipper panel from an infant travel bed, always wake a sleeping child anytime.

Crazy Handy Joovy Gloo infant travel bed

The Small Gloo is small enough to fit in more oversized diaper bags, and it’s not far behind the sizeable joovy Gloo infant travel bed. Use the storage bag to pick it up and go when it calls for adventure.

No Fires Chemicals

Our team verified protection to be 100 percent flame retardant-free chemicals — because what matters is your kid’s sleep.

Maintenance of the joovy gloo

All the fittings, other equipment, and plastic on the product should be regularly inspected to ensure they are properly secure and not damaged or malfunctioning. The straps, fabric products, and stitching should be reviewed periodically to ensure they are properly secured and not loose, ripped, or otherwise harmed.

How to Cleaning?

Using mild household soap or detergent and warm water in a sponge or clean towel, the cloth material on the tent and pad can be surface washed—in dry weather. The cover sheet may be washed in cold water by machine—dry air.


The fabric can fade with direct sunlight. To extend the presence, place it indoors. Do not store outside. The commodity is always held in a dry environment. Place the product in a safe place if it is not in use. Do not store the product as a heater or open a fire near a direct heat source.

How to Folding the tent

After each use, read carefully the folding instruction guideline before folding. Surface deflate. Fold, and stack the tent and sheet in the pack after many folds. The tent may be losing some of its shape. Occasionally, it might be fitting to reshape the picture.

Unfolding the tent

Extract band for protection. The Tent must immediately pop up with complete configuration. Unfold the pad, open the self-inflating valve, and cover. Remove the bag from under the tent and put the pad into the bag. Place the safety band in the under tent pocket.

Is it constructive?

It is the safest place to keep your baby entertained indoors and outdoors. And we like that, and it’s something that you can keep using with your child even after the baby years. The Gloo is sure to come in handy for travel.

For Who Is This

The Joovy Gloo is available in two sizes for children from birth until five years of age.

Which should you be sure of?

The substance is 100% free from flammable chemicals.


  • Easy cleaning and washable
  • Made with Toxic-free materials
  • Perfect for outdoor safety
  • Ready to buy for added sleeping safety


  • Several parents had trouble getting up and down
  • It can take some practice to set up and takedown

Final Word

You can conveniently pick one place in your baby’s crib to sleep comfortably. Make sure you’re buying now, and make sure your child’s love is wherever you go. You can’t go wrong with buying a portable baby bed from our carefully chosen list.

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