KAMUGO Helmet for kids

Kamugo’s first bike helmet on the list is the helmet of your child. A good price for your money, children’s helmet is one that is worth your investment, including a safety gear package by Kamugo helmet.

Appropriate for children ranging from 3 years to 10 years, this helmet is the perfect tool for protecting your child when he or she goes out to play together with the other protective gear pieces. The bike helmet is not only suitable for skateboarding, but also well for surfing, rollerblading, riding bikes, and scooter riding.

The helmet made using hard and durable material to reduce the likelihood that it will break after use. The bike helmet also features a breathable lining to alleviate external pressure, makings it an ideal choice for children. Helmets also have a number of adjustable straps and Velcro closures to ensure a comfortable fit for different knee girths.KAMUGO Helmet

KAMUGO Helmet Specifications:

  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Composed of high-hardness soft sponge ABS shell.
  • Using breathable sponge foam to prevent sweating on hot days.
  • This helmet has 11 winds that allow air to pass through it.
  • To wear it comfortably, the belt and side buckle can be changed.
  • The current color choices are green, gray, red and pink.
  • It provides perfect protection for children between the ages of 3 and 10.
  • For this product, the head circumference is: S: 50-54 cm/ 19.7-21.2 inches

Appropriate sports activities:

  • Skateboard Skateboarding
  • Roller Rollerblade
  • Bicycle Experience Motorbike Biking
  • BMX Motorbike
  • Outdoor actions
  • Other excessive activities in sport

Package Comprises:

  • 2 set elbow pad
  • Two set Knee pad
  • Wrist pad two set
  • Helmet


  • Lots of options for color.
  • The straps can be changed.
  • Hard-shell and indoor pads comfortable.


  • Maybe the design isn’t for everyone.

Key Features

  • The protection pad set includes a helmet, two knee pads, two elbow pads, and two wrist pads covering the parts that more likely to get injured.
  • The bike helmet fits with only an elastic strap to match any girl or boy between both the ages of 3-8 years.
  • The helmet does have an exceptional ventilation system to keep kid comfy while cycling and helps to keep breathing well and helps make the kid feel cool when cycling.
  • Knee pads, wrist pads, and elbow pads constructed of extremely durable fabrics of excellent quality.KAMUGO bike Helmet (2)

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Why Will You Like KAMUGO Helmet Product?

With a little additional money than most other bicycle helmets, one can try to ensure that your kid’s body completely design is kept safe and secure by the KAMUGO helmet besides just the head. Customers and reviewers have frequently questioned the fabric and construction quality, however, the KAMUGO helmets also a good sufficient decision for a full set.

Why are we going to recommend KAMUGO Helmet?

Helmets are necessary during cycling and other sporting activities to your children’s safety. When it is both healthy and appealing to them, kids will be more likely to wear a helmet. These cool and fun helmet options we’ve described the perfect choices to protect your child. Helms also make a lovely gift because of the chance. But make a wise choice and secure in any of these top children’s bike helmets!

KAMUGO Helmet Fully adjustable

In the back of the helmet and chin straps, the crank adjustment dial can be adjusted to fit the user safely from 360 degrees. The chin straps are smooth, the straps can scratch the sensitive skin of both the child no longer worry. Buckle straps easily fastened and released.

System for Padding

The interior padding system, 2 sets of replaceable pads of different thicknesses (5 mm and 8 mm), gives effective structural support and absorption of sweat, making you cool while wearing.  For cleaning, the pads can be removed, keeping you away from odor and dust. Use mild soap and water for cleaning purposes only.

A Perfect Gift for Children

Whether a gift from a parent to child, grandparents to grandchildren or aunt to niece, KAMUGO children’s bike helmet is a nice gift for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 8! Comes in a lovely box, when he/she receives your present, the child will be overjoyed.

Loves or Back your Money

We realize that you will have choices now, and we’d like to make the best choice the best one, and that’s why we give an absolute guarantee of satisfaction. When our product doesn’t really fulfill your current standards for any reason, return it to us for replacement or full reimbursement. You’re going to choose.

Lightweight Structural design

Because your kid is one in a short time to go through a number of children’s bike helmets, then you’re lucky! Remove the deceptions associated with other bike helmets made of cheap carbonate poly plastic. Spend into your bike helmet, which extremely reliable and made to last.

Each collection of protective equipment was specifically designed to provide you with the best coverage for skateboarding, curler blading, riding a scooter, biking and lots of different sports activities outside the windows.

Happy Ending

KAMUGO Helmet very simple design when we consider the model and included special requirements to improve security. So you can choose your child’s favorite color. Some of the most important features built into this set of security pads and contribute to your superior comfort.

We think the price of this item is excellent. A good set with all the skateboarding that your child will ever need to secure. But the poorly constructed value of the wristbands was one concern from a few customers. One of these bands has been snapped, making it an issue for some customers.

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