How to Choose a Crib Mattress for your infant

Health and comfort are top priorities when it comes to choosing a crib mattress for your infant. Choosing the first crib mattress for a child may seem like a daunting challenge, and each you want to do is consider a few peak efficiency. One of the most enchanting aspects of preparing a child is getting the nursery together. This is one of the most popular ones, too. Although the best paint shades and also the sweetest bedding are good, healthy sleeping space is key and that starts with choosing your baby’s best crib mattress.

There are also several unique safety requirements and certified if you choose to use your crib mattress to qualify for, it can be a different buying experience than choosing a bed for yourself. And that can be frustrating searching for a crib mattress for your baby with too many pieces of details to keep track of it.

Make sure that the mattress has a certificate of approval and that it fits correctly and snugly into the crib. Use a sturdy mattress, has a thickness, and is lined with holes for ventilation.

If you’ve selected a mattress, start adding a bedsheet and place the mattress in the crib to give your little one a healthy and protected place to rest.mattress

The idea of having your little one to sleep soundly is to create a healthy atmosphere for sleep.

Crib Mattress

Types of Crib Mattresses

There seem to be various styles of crib mattresses to choose from but what matters most is to use one of quality. What sort of purchase you end up with is more a matter of personal choice? Here are the choices:

Innerspring Crib Mattresses

The above traditional form of mattress has inside steel coils that make it durable and resilient. Innerspring mattresses have layers of varying cushioning materials over the coils, such as polyester, cotton, or foam.

Foam  Crib Mattresses

Usually, these are made of polyurethane, a resin composed of rubber. Foam mattresses are often a good choice and they are lightweight and sturdy and are typically the least expensive option for mattresses.

We want to ensure it is durable when selecting a foam crib mattress. Check this by pushing your hand onto the mattress and seeing how long it takes for the surface to recover its shape.

Double-sided mattresses

Such mattresses have a more rigid baby side but a softer side which is more appropriate for children who are either using a crib or convertible bed. To give your tot a softer, more comfortable mattress just turn it over.

Note, these versions could be more costly than other baby crib mattresses. And, when you adjust the crib sheets, you’ll have to try to position the appropriate side of the mattress facing up.

Safety Standards Crib Mattress

Even when protection is key to selecting a crib and mattress, current guidelines have specified the measurements of full-size cribs and mattresses. That makes buying the two differently simple, without stressing about compatibility.

Know that even when a mattress fits inside the crib you choose, you will not use it unless it is a crib mattress made specifically for you. A foam topper or other non-standard crib mattress cover should not be attached to it.

When you are searching for a crib mattress made of organic or natural materials, there are several additional well-known certifications to take a look at.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification

Its certification ensures that research was completed, along with the manufacturing done, and also the material was tested for toxic chemicals. Please remember that Oeko-Tex certifies only certain parts of a crib mattress so read the terms and conditions.

Global Organic Textile Standard

Global Organic Textile Standard for organic fiber-made textiles. Textiles can only be GOTS approved if they contain organic fibers of at least 70 percent.

Choose Mattress of Right Size

Your child’s mattress has to be a good match for the crib to be comfortable. There are no more than two space-fingers between the mattress side and the crib frame. Any bigger one and your baby may get stuck between the two, resulting in injury or suffocation.

Although most cribs include a standard mattress, the length can range. Once we purchase a mattress ensure we have the crib’s accurate measurement. Mattress ventilation allows increased ventilation and encourages the escape of moisture, preventing mold, mildew, and odor. Look for the small, reinforced holes along the sides when selecting your mattress. The better the more ventilation openings.

Accurate measurement Crib Mattress

The full-size crib mattress should be at least 27 1/4 inches wide, 51 1/4 inches long. And not thicker than 6 inches. The regular mattress can fit comfortably in these dimensions in a full-size crib, which can have an interior width of between 27 3/8 inches and 28 5/8 inches. And an interior length of between 51 3/4 inches and 53 inches.


Although when it comes to buying a  mattress you don’t want to cut corners, you don’t have to blow your entire nursery budget either. A decent quality mattress should cost between $90 to $200.

For example, if you’re looking for a mattress made of purely organic materials or one with an allergen-reducing cover, you would need to spend more than $200.

If you’re considering buying a used mattress to save money. You might very well find one that’s suitable and up-to-date. But it is very difficult to confirm this, given that it can be difficult to decide if it has been properly preserved or has ever soiled. It is safer to buy fresh if at all necessary.


No mattress will guarantee that your baby will sleep through the night. But the appropriate mattress will keep your baby healthy through the night on his / her own sleeping sheet.


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