How to Choose Best Pillow for Your Toddler?

If your baby moves from their crib to a larger bed, it is generally presumed that if you haven’t already, you will add a pillow to their bedding. If you’ve done this in the past, then you’re sure of how huge even a regular size toddler pillow looks under their tiny heads, and it always supports them up much more than what is really considered convenient. How to Choose the Best Pillow for your Toddler?

A toddler pillow is important to keep an eye on the sleep posture and care of children because we seldom have a child who will vocalize their distress and equate it with an unpleasant night.

Toddlers must find an excuse not to go to sleep, but you can make your job a little easier if you provide them with cozy sleeping accessories. Finding the right best pillow or pillowcase will make a difference and the amount of time it takes for your kid to sleep. Security is also a major factor when it comes to finding the right the best toddler pillow for your pillow

Were you ready to actually be able to use the best pillows for your toddler?

There are just so many different baby pillows and pillowcases out there that finding the right one can be difficult. The best pillow should take their preference of sleeping position into account, and be of a size to match their smaller bodies.

The Best 11 Toddler Pillow Review

Little Pillow Company Toddler Pillow

A Little Pillow Company is a small-scale pillow manufacturing business that is wholly owned and run by a family. They make their pillows solely in the United States. The company takes pride in delivering quality goods and offering customer support.

A Little Pillow Company uses only the most durable available materials. This pillow cover is made of a 100% cotton percale untreated to ensure that the child is not exposed to any flame retardants or anti-wrinkle coatings.Little Pillow Company Toddler Pillow

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Product Feature

  • Ages: 2 to 4 years
  • Pillow Size: 13 x 3 x 18 inches
  • Materials: deluxe cluster fiber, 100% cotton cover,
  • Durability: 100% hypoallergenic
  • Cleaning: Machine and hand washable

On the inside our hypoallergenic is super helpful. Flex-Fill is made from recycled plastic bottles that are exempt from BPA. Each Toddler Pillow prevents 11 plastic homeless bottles from our landfills and oceans.


  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic, breathable coating
  • Machine as well as hand washable
  • Travel size


    • The pillow comes in a standard size
    • Such fabrics provide maximum body protection while maintaining a soft overall structure.

My Little North Star Toddler Pillow

When you’re looking for a pillow that doesn’t require a pillowcase, this one is a perfect choice because it’s washable too. The pillow filling always means that it won’t get lumpy after washing.

A big advantage of this pillow is that it has a 100% pure cotton shell and a lining of hypoallergenic cluster fibers. When your child is looking for a more natural and chemical-free pillow, this is the ideal mix.

The My Little North Star Baby Pillow is a nicely shaped pillow to give your baby’s head and neck sufficient support. The 13 x 3.5 x 18-inch pillow has a 100 percent pure cotton cover that is breathable and helps cool your child’s night-long sleep. The pillow is filled with a polyester fiber cluster which gives the perfect luxury fluffy feel.My Little North Star Toddler Pillow

Product Feature

  • Organic cotton shell
  • Chemical-free- cover & filling
  • Super soft- cozy & comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic-Allergy free, delicate on your baby skin
  • Supportive- Designed to support head neck & spine
  • Non – GMO

It is a smaller than normal pillow that is made in mind when it comes to children. The small scale, which was designed for children between 2 and 5, makes it more relaxed and friendly for the young. This pillow has been designed and certified by chiropractors to ensure it provides your little one with easy and proper sleep.


  • Consisting of hypoallergenic fillings to make them as natural as possible.
  • Washable machine, and cool with dryer.
  • Outside shell super soft for optimum comfort.
  • Designed with love and consideration in the USA.
  • Durable and easy to scrub.


  • Available just one size-13 x 18 inches.
  • Many parents didn’t like the flatness of the pillow.

TILLYOU Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase

Here’s a great idea, consider putting this quality medical-grade pillow under your head and watching their daily sleep shift for the better.

This pillow with 300TC cotton is made tough to last but super soft and comfortable to the touch. Cotton has hypoallergenic properties that ensure skin protection for a baby. This is also mildew-free and resistant to molds.TILLYOU Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase

The filling of soft fibers is neither too thick nor too thin. It’s just a great size that gives young one quality comfort and maximum support for the back, neck, and head. This comes in a sleek design with a variety of color choices including; among many others, cream, purple, lavender, baby blue, white, and navy blue.


  • Premium Cotton 100 percent, 300 Thread Count
  • Long Staple Cotton 100 percent Egyptian.
  • Fitted toddler size


Provides the right amount of support for the toddler’s neck, head, and spine. Verified and proven to help tired babies in bed or crib sleep better. Chiropractors and pediatricians are highly recommended.


  • Resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Multiple choices in color.
  • Facilities to clean.


  • Dryer Incompatible

Back sleeper or side sleeper, with this tiny cute pillow both are perfect. Sustains enough energy in his / her head and spine.

KeaBabies Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase

When your child has allergies, finding a pillow that truly can’t trigger any flare-ups can be difficult. This hypoallergenic pillow is a perfect choice while sleeping to ensuring your little one is allergy-free.

This pillow is a perfect alternative for maintaining your child’s spinal support and safe growth and development while sleeping. It was built specifically for toddlers to meet their particular sleeping needs.KeaBabies Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase

The fibers used in this pillow are 100 percent hypoallergenic and incredibly soft to remain cozy with your little one. This pillow is safest when used by children aged between 2 and 5 years.

Product Feature

  • Machine washable.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Soft & Plushy Ball Fiber Filling.

Use natural cotton pillowcase and cover which is safe for newborns and toddlers. It is ultra-soft and breathable for all seasons. Get a soft and huggable pillow for your toddler he/she would love! Bring fun to the bedroom for the toddler.

Clevamama CleavaFoam Toddler Pillow

Clevamama is a fairly successful company for baby goods. The business has experienced first-hand developing items specifically for children. We are well aware of those goods that work, and those that don’t.Clevamama CleavaFoam Toddler Pillow

Perfect for children aged 1-2-3, an ergonomic pillow holds their head and spine in a relaxed position and offers superior body and neck support.

Scientifically proven foam pillow avoids flat-head syndrome and preserves the triangular form of your babies and infants during the early growth phases.

That was possible because of the products’ unique cushioning effect, providing 80 percent additional support while reducing the child’s head pressure by 50 percent as compared to other conventional pillows.

When you’re worried about exerting too much pressure on your child’s head, that’s your pillow!

Restcloud Toddler Pillow

This double-sided pillow has a strong, soft memory foam structure, and slight contouring to start creating changeable heights for your child to grow. One hand provides a 1.4-inch loft, while the other provides a 2.4-inch loft, making it a better option for someone who wishes to use the same pillow in their younger years.Restcloud Toddler Pillow

Multiple safety measures certify the foam to ensure it has no levels of heavy metals, mercury, flame retardants or ozone depletes.

While memory foam cannot be cleaned, the cover can be washed and unzipped. It is made of natural grass coral fiber and soft cotton material which is naturally anti-microbial and allergens-resistant.


  • Soft, comfy pillowcase
  • Smokes are contouring and soothing
  • Looks very breathable and no sinks in the sun


  • Ides could take some time to get used to

The heads and necks of children should be covered by their pillows which this lightweight memory foam can do without thinking about moving or bunching during the night. A 30 day sleep trial and 3-year warranty back each pillow.

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

The Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow is a pillow of premium quality for those who are budget conscious, and still want to continue providing their child with the finest.Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

The pillow is filled with premium polyester cluster fiber which gives it a cozy, luxurious feel. In terms of comfort and support the Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow is the all-around top pick for your boy.

It really is a soft, pliable, and cozy pillow to help conform and support small heads. Covered with a poly fiberfill cluster, it’s strong and washable- a must for families with kids. The casing is 100 % cotton and has a count of just 200 threads for fast airflow and cooling capabilities. It is designed to become more user-friendly as it settles on or held in the way it sleeps.

The materials used to provide a breathable, dry surface that is not conducive to a dusting of mites or moisture were also considered 100 percent hypoallergenic. The pillow is also backed by a “Love the Fluff” guarantee, meaning that if you don’t love it, you can fill it back with ‘less’ or ‘more’ for a replacement.

Ashtonbee Newborn Baby Pillow

Are you looking for a pillow to help your kid sleep in the right place all night long, the Ashtonbee baby pillow makes a good contender? This pillow is specially designed to facilitate airflow in the region of the baby’s neck, which improves overall sleep.Ashtonbee Newborn Baby Pillow

The pillow also ensures the head of the infant stays aligned with its spine for proper growth. The flat-head syndrome would be a thing of the past with Ashtonbee’s baby.

Suggest for a 1-year-old kid or less is the baby pillow. The memory foam used in its construction is not only hypoallergenic but also resistant to bacteria, and this helps minimize the likelihood of infections.

It is very convenient for parent’s on-the-go, as it can be used as an insert for bassinets, car seats for infants, swings, bouncers, strollers, cradles, and more. Baby pillow ashtonbee is really travel-friendly!

Using Ashtonbee baby pillow helps promote the normal round growth of the baby’s head on the pediatrician’s guidance and recommendations, and can help avoid the flat head syndrome. Be sure to receive proper prescriptions or medical advice from a doctor.

Laixiulife Baby Protective Pillow

The Laixiulife Baby Pillow is the perfect baby shower present. This beige-colored baby pillow is a favorite for many new moms. How effective this pillow is in holding a kid’s head shape in the newborn and infant stages. However, it is made of memory foam that boasts a breathable shape to keep the baby cool at night.Laixiulife Baby Protective Pillow

Are you afraid to buy baby pillows because you’re concerned about hazardous products, you can be sure Laixiulife is free. The only downside is that it has that “fresh-foam” scent, although it dissipates in a few minutes’ time.

This newborn baby pillow contains no toxic ingredients, it can make moms feel comfortable to use.

Celeep Toddler Pillow Set

Toddlers need pillows designed for their delicate heads and necks. The Celeep baby pillow is made for this specific purpose. Made of cotton fiber, for full comfort this pillow boasts microfiber filling. The pillow collection is described as hypoallergenic, meaning it’s made from materials that are unlikely to damage the infant.Celeep Toddler Pillow Set

Another advantage of this set of pillows is it is easy to clean. Simply put the pillows in the washing machine, and set the gentle setting of the cycle.

The Celeep Baby Pillows provide the perfect amount of fluff for neck and head support with the comfort of cradling cotton.

If the baby is going to transition from crib to bed or simply requiring fresh new bedding, Celeep provides a comfortable, safe pillow for head-on rest. The Celeep Baby Pillow has been designed to cradle the head and neck of your infant. This will support the cervical vertebrae and the spine, guaranteeing their safety and comfort.

My First Pillow – Memory Foam Toddler Pillow

Sleeping on Memory Foam is a completely different experience and I can tell you, as someone who knows what it feels like, that it is wonderful. Memory foam automatically adjusts to the contours of your body, giving maximum comfort regardless of your sleeping postures.My First Pillow – Memory Foam Toddler Pillow

The Toddler Pillow and its larger relatives share this trait. This also supports the weight of your child’s body, arms, back, and legs. No more awake in the middle of the night! Your child will sleep peacefully and comfortably and so can you!

But what’s the special filler material that separates this Toddler Pillow from the rest. While the best filler is 100 % organic cotton, My First Pillow Memory Foam baby Pillow is lined with 100% visco-elastic foam mattresses-the same material used in maternity pillows and most other adult pillows.

The use of memory foam space-age technology supports the head and neck and aligns the body in a natural position. Enclosed is a pillowcase of light velour, for added warmth. Our dedication to providing your child with a safe sleeping atmosphere makes for a happier place, one bed at a time.Using Toddler Pillow

Secure Toddler Sleep

There are other safety measures that you can take when moving your child from a crib to a bed as well as making sure you buy a secure pillow for your baby.

Definitely add a removable guardrail to the new bed for your child if they can get injured falling out at night. This may not be a concern for children’s beds, which are generally not high off the floor, but a regular twin bed may require some extra security.

The size of your child might help identify if they’re mentally prepared for the best pillow. When they are short because of their age or have poor neck muscles, it could be better to hold off for a while so that a pillow will not become a threat to health.

When is Start Using a Toddler Pillow?

Realizing when to add your toddler to a pillow totally depends on his sleeping patterns. It is really close to introducing the child to the covers, alternatively sleeping on the back and belly, eating at night, changing to a baby bed, respectively.

Those are some of the most debated subjects with new mothers, but in this respect, there is no universal law. To determine if a child is prepared to expose to a Toddler Pillow, parents should look for a few different indicators.

Need the Best Pillow for Your Toddler?

Sleep is vital to the growth and development of the mind and body in your toddler.

Those who may think you can just give any old pillow to your toddler, but that is really not the case. A standard pillow is built with adult proportions in mind so it wouldn’t help an infant’s neck and head in the same way.

Also, a typical pillow could strain the muscles of your child and cause discomfort at night and into the next day. It can also result in bad posture. To ensure that your child is not only comfortable but also that his or her developing body is properly supported, the best toddler pillow goes the extra mile.

When your kid has problems sleeping through the night, and you haven’t implemented one yet, your answer might be a toddler pillow.

A supportive pillow will help your child get more sleep and feel relaxed the next day.

When to Introduce the Best Pillow for Your Toddler

There’s a lot of debate about when to start using a pillow for an infant.

The best time to give your baby a pillow is when you’re going from a crib to a bed, about the age of 18 – 24 months.

Because a growing baby grows and acts differently, there doesn’t seem to be a common “right” time to add a pillow to your baby.

Finally, as a parent, when your little one is able to use a pillow is your decision.

Choosing the Best Pillow for Your Toddler

When you’re looking for the right pillow for your child then you’ll need to take into consideration the following points.


Presume your baby is allergic to wool. This simply means you wouldn’t buy a wool pillow for your son, which would just negatively affect his allergy.

So when your child has any allergies it’s also necessary to read the label of the pillow. It will inform you what materials were used to make the pillow.

Being conscious of what is and is not allergic to your little one will help to narrow the right pillow for the baby. So choosing the best toddler pillow free of allergies.


Will your baby prone to bacteria, spores, dust mites, mold, and more? Hypoallergenic pillows made of materials that help in reducing allergic reactions.

Almost all organic toddler pillows are hypoallergenic of course. When your pillow is not organic then whether it is hypoallergenic or not is clearly labeled.

If your baby is allergic to many factors or has sensitive skin, buying a hypoallergenic pillow is definitely in your better interest. Such best toddler pillows for your child help to decrease pain and allergic reactions.

Ensuring Satisfaction

Most baby pillows provide a guarantee of fulfillment. Many places are as small as 90 days while others offer a three-year warranty period. A warranty can vary from brand to brand but usually, it will cover bad workmanship, broken seams, or form loss.

Before buying test the satisfaction guarantee associated with a pillow. The best toddler pillows of high quality are more likely to have longer warranties.

Pillow Cover Material

Generally, the exterior portion of the Toddler pillow is made of cotton. Be mindful that cotton can be regular or organic when choosing a pillow. Organic cotton lacks harmful chemicals, bleaches, and colors that usually go hand in hand with the cycle of cotton making.

Organic toddler pillows are always clearly marked. If you can’t figure out if a pillow is organic or not then use caution and assume the pillow is not.

Also, make sure your child doesn’t get allergic to the filler material by reading the label again.

Thread Count

The count of threads is critical for comfort and most infants love soft, fluffy fabrics. If you’ve ever bought new bedding, you may have noticed the word ‘thread count.’ Thread count refers to the number of threads of fabric per square inch.

The higher the number of threads, the silkier, and the fiber the less scratchy. The higher thread counts over the lower ones most likely enjoyed by your toddler.

Pillow fill Material

The material hides underneath the pillowcase which keeps your child’s head protected and comfortable. The impression a pillow feels is down to the different materials that it is made from.

It’s indeed important to find a pillow fill that can also be easily cleaned, and that doesn’t make much noise when your child moves their head.

There are plenty of different materials that can use to fill pillows for babies. There is a huge variety to choose from the foam to the buckwheat.

Down, Feathers, Synthetic fill, Foam, or memory foam are the most common pillow fill materials.

All the above materials are the most common because they require easy cleaning of the pillow itself. When choosing a pillow be conscious that the fill doesn’t make too much noise when it travels through the pillow.

Best Pillow Buying Guide

A kid pillow basically a smaller pillow intended to provide the best support and comfort for infants. Be sure to consider the following features before making a choice when shopping for Kid pillows:

Types of Toddler Pillow

When you’ve attempted baby pillow shopping, you might just have found there are lots of them on the market. In general, infants fit into one of these five categories:


The description is self-explanatory- these are silicone pillows. The advantage that uses latex material is its great product for the shoulder and neck. Some other impressive features of latex child pillow are it is hypoallergenic, making it more suitable for sensitive infants.


Child pillows are filled with different types of foam. Memory foam is among the most favored kinds. Yet this material has the advantage of being durable irrespective of the foam that is used.


Baby pillows filled with man-made fibers like polyester. But sometimes, naturally occurring fabrics such as cotton are often used to cover the pillows. Many of the most secure fiber-filled pillows. They will provide enough encouragement to your little one too.


Contour child pillows made using a mixture of the most popular fabrics including memory foam, cotton, and polyester. These pillows are often recommended for infants who are sleepers on both sides and back.


Most manufacturers use large amounts of feathers when making pillows for young children. These pillows provide other advantages, such as smoother texture and better comfort. The only drawback to those pillows is that they are more priced than other pillow types.

Tips for Buying the Best Pillow

All parents should ensure they have the best sleeping environment for their children. Although parents do need to buy quality pillows, which are made only for babies. Most of the suggested features for Toddler pillows are:


A baby won’t like a pillow that doesn’t feel comfortable. Remember the baby’s skin is very sensitive and any nice-textured fabrics can trigger allergic reactions.

When your baby starts to leave in the middle of the night, it’s possible he doesn’t feel confident about the material on which he lies. Try to find a baby pillow that gives not only pleasure but also softness.


Some other things that must pay much attention to that when you buy a pillow for your child are the material’s durability. Preferably, the most desired product is memory foam, since it lasts for a long time without wearing out.

Easy to Wash and Clean

Chances are the premature babies will drool, throw up, and even wet themselves. If they are lying on the pillow covers when one of these happens, you have to clean the pillows before they can be used again. If you want an easy time, it’s better to invest in washable pillows for babies.

Until making a choice consider the following features


The smaller your kid is, the softer the pillow you choose to be. When your kids are a bit older, you will encourage them to enjoy soft, fluffy pillows which as babies were not healthy for them.

Size and Shape

The majority of Toddler Pillows size about 12-inch x 18-inch. If you need to make the pillow fit into the current crib or toddler bed, you can order customized pillows for your boy.

Equally important is the shape and size of the cushion because the baby will want to cuddle around. If it’s too small or too large it’s not going to be able to provide optimum support, something you’re looking for.

The Importance of a Pillow for Toddler

The brain of a child undergoes a drastic developing brain during the first year. But to accomplish this development and growth, your toddler ensures appropriate support, especially when they sleep. To this end, baby pillows are made exclusively.

Best pillows make sure your toddler’s brain has an efficient blood supply. In addition, toddler pillows help the fragile neck of your infant, which will also grow in its first year.

Newborns have zero control over the muscles of their necks. Often, these babies not capable of lifting their heads and placing them on pillows, and that why they built complete body pillows. That’s the one main difference between adult pillows and baby best pillows. Toddler pillows are built in such a way that they protect the entire body of your child.

Even the pillows from Toddler are ultra-thick and have fluffy plush. This feature comes in handy as a baby can end up putting all their weight on their fragile knees until they begin to learn how to crawl.

Dangers Related to Toddler Pillows

As in other issues relevant to the Baby, there will always be dangers. The great option you can do now is to inform yourself about these risks and come up with solutions or ways to avoid them. The healthcare provider for your baby also can serve as a resource.

Toddler Pillow Washing Instructions

Although baby pillows tend to be dirtier. The pillow gets dirty from sticky fingers.  One thing is certain the drools’ monster that your toddler transforms into at night. That pillow would ultimately need to be cleaned.

Toddler pillows can deal with grime in one of two ways.

Machine washable: Just throw the pillow for a complete cycle in your laundry machine. Your baby pillow will come out clean the day you purchased it.

Pillowcase: There will be a flexible cover for the toddler pillow that covers the pillow inside. Although the cover itself is machine washable, the pillow is normally not.

Toddler Pillow Sizes by Age

The Toddler Pillow is the perfect size for children aged 2 to 3 years. It comes with a Flexible feature that makes this pillow much better: an invisible zipper on one end that helps you to customize the comfort as your child grows. For the younger ones, you basically take out some fill to make it lower and bring more in for the older ones.

By size and age, all of the bed toddler pillows:

toddler pillow sizes by age

FAQ’s about the Best Toddler Pillows

Is my baby just needing a pillow?

Possibly not. Some kids buy a pillow from them, and they’re not using it. Yet pillows do boost comfort and your child will want one at some point. Better get it than not.

Should I look for a warranty?

A warranty is a good thing if you want the pillow back. Luckily, the pillow won’t have to be repaired or returned but money isn’t cheap so being able to return a defective product is a win.

What are unsafe materials for Pillows?

Any filler treated with chemicals can be bad for your kids. Evite minuscule fillers that can come out and tempt your kids, such as buckwheat or millet. If your child gets allergies to avoid pillows down.

Can’t I just give my toddler and the standard pillow size?

Opt for standard-sized pillows when they’re older because they’re much larger and at night they can get lost in the bed. A pillow tailored for its size is a much better match and safer for the protection of the pillow for the toddler.

Was the beansprout pillow too hard for a kid to bring over?

Our beansprout pillows weigh just 200 g and many are right in finding this weight and size. You can also shift the filling inside the pillow to determine how much weight to put on the baby.

What is the recommended age for using a beansprout pillow?

Our beansprout pillows weigh just 200 g and many are right in finding this weight and size. You can also shift the filling inside the pillow to determine how much weight to put on the baby.

Happy Ending Best Pillow for Toddler

The positioning of the Toddler’s head and neck is just as essential to a good night’s rest as it is for an adult. Although paying careful attention to a toddler pillow’s design and consistency will make your child get a better, longer night’s sleep.

The above option highlights the variances that you can encounter from one product to the next, but both emphasize quality in the materials used, and performance to build a healthy, comfortable atmosphere.

A choice of pillow should be based on your child’s needs when they sleep, and their overall size. Unless specifically stated, most infant pillows are too small for a child who is past 5. Both these pillows are made for use without a pillowcase, although each company sells a case that can purchase separately. As with every pillow, make sure the measurements are tested to ensure a good fit.

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