The Best Board Games for 5 Year Old’s

Games are mostly a fantastic learning experience for little children because it can be tricky to decide the correct board games for 5-year-olds due to the huge number of available choices online. Because if your son or daughter is searching for an enjoyable game at their birthday party for a group play or a successful educational alternative to develop their reasoning skills.

For even more info on how to choose the ideal board games for 5-year-olds for your son or daughter, you can also section which is available after our article.

We were playing games by game, after the game. We played with children of all ages and allowed friends and families to play together as well, so we could thoroughly compare each game with various age ranges and individuals.

After all, we’ve focused on new, imaginative, and exceptional games that in another 20 + years could very well become classics. You have already heard of some of them, but we hope you can find some new ones to introduce to your collection at first.

However, almost all of our picks combine skills such as decision making, visual intelligence, and math, and balancing, and most important of all-they’re all entertaining and enjoyable.The Best board games

Now and while we had a great-tooth comb through our best options, we also finished up with a proper list of games worthy of our What Moms Love acceptance seal.

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 16 Best board games Reviews

Game Wright Outfoxed

Outfoxed this! Play requires players to meet to play an intense game of whodunit style. Then your child should focus on their ability to work in teamwork.

Outfoxed board game the department recreation team developed a game that skilfully blends the two elements into a wonderful platform for honing logical thinking in a non-competitive environmentGame wright Outfoxed

Your child learns some useful skills like calculating probability and paying attention to information while you work together to try to catch the culpable fox.

  • It can be played by up to four people, in addition.
  • This represents a great opportunity for children to develop their social skills.
  • The games often appear to run for 20 to 30 minutes, everywhere.
  • Great for holding the attention of five-year-olds.


Helps organizational skills


Though the instructions are confusing

It is yet another great game involving players coming together and working in teams. This is a great way to improve your child’s communication skills.

Brain Freeze Board Game

Brain Freeze board game is an award-winning interactive game for children 5 years and above. This provides retail for a reasonable price and helps children learn techniques, inference logic, and memory.

The game also concentrates on being capable of following directions in multiple steps. It supports switches, problem-solving skills, and speech-language competencies. 2 Players race for guessing the other player’s sweet treat.Brain Freeze Board Game

Must use creative planning and memory reasoning until reply appropriately to the sweet treat of the opponent. Get a brain freeze if guess the wrong answer.

Product Description

  • This game features 2 shields with stands,
  • 2 dry erase pens and 2 brain freeze grid boards,
  • 2 Wipe clothes dry, and a lawbook

Brain Freeze is a perfect game to introduce strategy, reasoning, and inference to younger kids in a fun way they’ll enjoy, making the learning process essential skills they’ll appreciate in school and life a pleasure.

Brain Freeze takes between 15-20 minutes to play depending on your child’s age and skill level, and is a fun game that can make you hungry! Parents highly recommend and rate this game, making it a great Christmas Birthday gift.

Brain Freeze is simple to set up, easy to know, and still offers a fun mental challenge for hours and hours of play that never gets older.

Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

Check Price!

If you’re looking for a nice fun board game for two players, this is a great choice.

After a few rounds of playing on a team with one parent and one boy, Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game is now able to play almost entirely on their own which is awesome to see. Setup is easy and gets moving pretty fast.

Definitely, this game is a great guess-and-check game at its core, but as an adult, my appreciation is more rooted in how it especially opens the way my nieces approach issue-solving and working through logical considerations to make each turn count.

A fun classic that ends up capturing the beautiful colors and faces of its participants in the game. You haven’t contemplated buying in years because you’re going to be very mindful of the pictures presented to our kids so you’re going to be very pleased with that.

Play is a perfect indoor sport for children aged 5 and above. Hasbro Gaming and all associated terms are Hasbro trademarks. Assembly needed for adults.

Sushi Go!

This fun card game is going to be one of your favorite games for the whole family because you’re going to play quickly. Your children will be happy to sit down and play this one for an hour or more round after round.

Find the highest-quality board games with excellent value for play. Influenced by themes and perceptions that go beyond age and salted with a bit of playfulness, these games are designed to encourage laughter, learning, relationship, and fun.Sushi Go!

Product Description

  • Includes 108 cards
  • Rules of play
  • 2 to 5 players
  • Playtime: 15 minute
  • Improves opportunity, visual segregation, and strategic analysis

Our family has grown to over 150 games over the years and to countless happy players.

You take one card from your hand to hold it for yourself, and then pass your cards to the next person to play. They continue to do so until the cards are selected. You will then score points based on which cards you have picked to keep.

Connect 4 Board Game

This connects 4 game edition offers an alternative way of playing the popular strategy game.Connect 4 Board Game

Connect 4 is a board strategy game for ages 5 and up. It provides retail at a very low price and involves loads of enjoyment. It really is a 2 game player. Due to small pieces, this game isn’t appropriate for children under 3 years old. This contains two lots of counters, one lot is red, and the others are black, plastic board, and blue blocker discs. Connect 4 game strategy drives the competition.

The blue blocker disks add a twist to the traditional game. They block the position of the opponent, or lift one of their counters, giving you more chance to win.

Connect 4 is a really best quality game and a game of long duration. It’s a perfect family night game and it also makes a great present for any reason. Connect 4 is a perfect game to keep children entertained because it’s competitive and both players want to win. The rules are easy to learn, meaning children can start playing fast.

Connect 4 Classic Grid goes a step forward to the famous game with a more modern look and exciting ways of playing.

Cool colors and innovative choices for a game keep you on the grid! The pop-out function allows you to remove a disk from the grid’s bottom row to modify all the above series. Does it support or get the adversary closer to winning?

Scrabble Junior Game

This Junior Scrabble game is simple for children to play, and then a lot of fun. You have letters paired on one side of the board to form a sentence. On the other hand, has its own vocabulary in the making.Scrabble Junior Game

The introduction of the first game of Scrabble for children. Given the intellectual benefits and enjoyment of word games, families have also always enjoyed bringing children into the Scrabble game as early as possible.

The Scrabble Junior game was also loads of fun for children to play, and even an easy word game. Match texts to those on the game board shown to create words. Enjoy score-keeping by sliding the fun character tokens along with the board. Then flip the board over for a simple, crossword gameplay when you’re ready to build your own words.

Monopoly Voice Banking

A monopoly is one of Board Games’ best-known and one of the reviled ones. Games take to finish forever and may end in tears or fisticuffs.Monopoly Voice Banking

A contemporary-day take on the standard Monopoly game with a voice-activated banker taking care of all exchanges of the game.

Everybody loves a Monopoly game, and the new edition is great fun for the entire family. It really doesn’t take just as long as a conventional monopoly (you’ll be happy to hear!) and you shouldn’t have to concern about counting the cash-out, as the banker does all that for you.

The board game Monopoly Voice Banking is intended for ages 8 and up; 2 to 4 players will play at a time and this is a perfect activity for family game nights.

Children play this game in groups for a lot of fun, which is an effective way of improving their social skills.

Three Little Piggies Board Game

The Three Little Pigs is really a fun and basic dice game for the whole family.Three Little Piggies Board Game

An innovation from SmartGames is Three Little Piggies that asks children to match up the storyline of the storybook in a number of different configurations and then challenges them to fit in the 3 big pieces of puzzle among them.

There really are different stages of play our tester’s favorite is where the homes have to go over the pigs, establishing a safe refuge from the big bad wolf. Engaging and courteous.

  • SmartGames is the global leader in multi-level, family-friendly games that are based on logic.
  • A fun and interesting Brainteaser single-player mode game
  • This strategy game is ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 6; enabling them to improve thinking abilities.
  • 48 Fun challenges to complete

From family to travel, from pre-school to adult, all our games are designed to deliver an enriching, skill-building experience for all ages while playing games and solving puzzles.

Huge pride in creating insightful goods that are perfect for children and adults, and appreciate the reaction from people who have played these games.

Kids Charades Imaginative Classic Party Game

Kids Charades is a popular party game that develops the skills of critical thinking and creates imagination. Extremely quick fun and entertainment for the family at large. Aimed at younger children, it’s easy to get the whole family to join in on charades fun.

  • A Game of Classic Party. Instant fun and laughter, particularly for young children, for the entire family.
  • Develops skills for critical thinking, encourages imagination, and encourages creativity.Kids Charades Imaginative Classic Party Game

The classic party game gets the child-friendly treatment, with cards for acting out appropriate for younger and older children. Every player gets a guess and the right person moves on the board ahead.

A simplified version of the popular family party game is a perfect way to let the little ones get into the fun. For younger players, the photocards are also a good touch.

It’s not quite as entertaining as some of the other deals like Orangutans or Cheeky Monkeys, but it’s a nice way to bring the family together.

Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw fun and fast-paced game that sees the young play dice, and then find and catch matching tiles in front of their opponents. For Games 2-6 players.

Cobra Paw is an easy game to learn and gives endless fun. We enjoy that it helps inspire young people to learn to take it in turns, but also to be able to join in constantly. It promotes a good healthy measure of competitive spirit and soon adults will be as addicted as their children. One of the best board games for the kids.Cobra Paw

Only for those with more rapid reflexes and mental strength will win Cobra Paw! Match tile patterns and grab the opponent’s tiles before they can.

Cobra Paw is the perfect fast-paced family game to play with quick paws against children.

Kerplunk Game best board game

Kerplunk Mattel Games includes separating the sticks from the frame of the tunnel while losing as few marbles as possible. It is a fun game that’s perfect for the motor skills and hand-eye coordination of your child too.Kerplunk Game best board game

There is just no reading to play this cool game for kids and it’s perfect for kids and parents alike. Just build a web of sticks through the translucent tower at midway, then pour put on top the marbles that are so simple.

Children have a blast playing the game with their friends and family in groups. We love to respond to how many marbles others drop to see whose winning. It’s an extremely immersive game that also improves social skills for your kids.


  • Develops motor and balance skills.
  • Tremendously engaging game.


  • The sticks are thinner than anyone would have thought

This best game from yester-year is just as much fun today. Share your great memories or start new ones! You and your friends will have a blast playing KerPlunk. Just don’t let the marbles fall.

Trouble Board Game

Classic Trouble includes any player attempting to get all four of their poles across the board before they cross the finish line. It is done by clicking on the popper die just to see how many positions the pegs will travel. Consequently, you should expect the basic counting skills of your child to grow well.Trouble Board Game

Looks exactly as you recall the trouble. The game’s Play is to be the first player to push all 4 of your pegs around and into the end.

There is now a fun twist where you will push it all the reason back to the start if someone else’s peg lands on your place! The game comes with 16 pegs played, a popper die, and directions.


  • Improves ability to count
  • Games & rules on competitive games


  • Some think the die popper is a little stubborn

Kids have been having a blast playing this game in groups with friends and family as everyone is competing against each other to get all 4 of their pegs to the finish. During the game, your child’s social and counting skills are able to develop too.

Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes

Pete the cat the missing cupcakes game has become a choice in our family to interact with smaller students because the convergence of gently stupid acts combined with the cupcakes’ enjoyable tactile performance makes for a fun, fast game. Cooperative gameplay. Users take turns rotating to see what you need to do so you can place a cupcake on Pete’s Birthday table.Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes

Meet Pete the Cat and his friends working together to get the missing Grumpy Toad cupcakes back. In this interactive board game, players collect colorful cupcakes as they sing songs, perform physical exercises, and recognize favorite animals, foods, and phrases. It’s a chance, memory, and teamwork game that changes each time it’s played out. Children would want to watch it over and over again.

  • Literacy in the Kids make picture/word associations
  • Children use a simple strategy and decision-making social skills.
  • Kids express themselves without words in their imagination.

You may have to sing a line from a song, name a favorite food, and name an item that begins with a certain letter sound or charades. It is a fun and enjoyable fast game for parents and children.

Gobblet Gobblers

Gobblet Gobblers board game for preschoolers is just like tic-tac-toe with a twist. Just as in tic-tac-toe, you are line-upping three of those winning pieces. Yet your piece may also suck up the piece of another player in this game since the pieces of the game are more like nesting dolls. You can shift any pieces you have already put on the board, too.Gobblet Gobblers

This strategy game is easy to understand and has an enticing cast of characters. Just as in Tic-Tac-Toe, to win, players must line up 3 of their Gobblers in a row. You can steal the smaller parts of your opponent’s position.

  • The children are growing in memory, strategy, concentration & attention, and skills.
  • Simple to know, and irresistibly enjoyable, Gobblet Gobblers is the ideal children’s first strategy game.

The children don’t even know that when having fun they develop critical thinking, memory skills, and spatial perception skills. Although playing tic-tac-toe with a preschooler can get boring again and again, this game shakes it up enough to make it enjoyable for all ages within the family.

Colorama-Fast Children’s Game of Patterns and Shapes

Ravensburger’s well-made game in which Colorama emphasizes colors and shapes. It’s trying to appeal more to smaller preschoolers. I’ve already put it on our Child Games List, but it actually suits 3 and 4-year-olds the most. You will use this game for quite some time, with increasing ways of playing.

Game play time is around 20 minutes as participants roll to find the color and shape, then match a position on the board for it, or take a piece off the board, deciding on the rules for which you play the game.Colorama-Fast Children Game of Patterns and Shapes

  • Colorama matching game strengthens pattern and shape recognition and enables your child to create associations of great educational value at an early age.
  • Simple to understand and high-quality instructions allow you to start playing straight away.
  • Ravensburger has been making products for the for over Long term quality

Present your skills in color. Join the complex world of shapes and colors. Do you align all the pieces that play on the board game? Take a chance at shape and color to find out. Promotes basic skills for children of all ages with 4 different stages of gameplay and cognitive abilities to appreciate it.

The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles

Puzzle Doubles are two great things. Puzzle in the Puzzle Doubles series contains a beautifully drawn, giant 50-piece talk about floor puzzles.The Learning Journey Puzzle Doubles

Place the word game piece over the same object positioned on the border of the picture s as the object is identified in the illustration. Puzzle Doubles are an instructional and entertaining device for all early learners. Recommended to age 5 +.

The puzzle is built to offer both competitive play, which is a great boost to self-esteem, and a chance to play together, which is a perfect way to improve social skills and teamwork skills.

The puzzle picture’s intricacy rewards the kid as they create, motivating them to stay positive and keep focused on completing the task. A further incentive is the promise of the two games which can be played once the puzzle is complete.

The photo of the puzzle is full of bright, colorful detail and a fun dinosaur theme that allows the child to explore the details. The games are another perfect way to make the child talk about the pictures while having fun.Best Board Game

How to considerations while choosing a board game for 5-year-olds.

Since there is still such a large variety of games on the market, it is vital that the following considerations are carefully considered when making a decision.


You also need to make sure you buy a game that fits the age of the child and know how easy it is to follow the rules. All games come on the box with a specified age limit and it’s smart to follow that. For obvious reasons, your 5-year-old would not enjoy a game suggested for children over the age of 8.

That’s going to be too hard for them. On the other hand, you also don’t want to do anything that’s too babyish for them, because if the game is too easy, they’ll get bored.

Is enjoyable for the whole family?

Choose a family-friendly game, so aged siblings and parents can all join in on the fun. Your toddler may want to play their latest game over and over again, so don’t pick the one you’ll easily get tired of.

Look for games that are the most entertaining when purchasing board games, the games your child should be most engaged in. Also, look at how long the game will go on for in the average time, most games can become a drag and kids get bored quickly.

Is that a replayable game?

Please ensure the replay value of the game is high so that it can be managed to play again and again without becoming boring. For starters, you will eventually learn all of the answers while playing any quiz games or puzzle games on a regular basis.

Benefits of Playing Board Games for 5-year-olds

Starting to play board games can be of great benefit to your child. Below we will find some of the wonderful advantages addiction can bring to your child. Organized games can help alleviate anxiety and provide an opportunity for children to explore relationships while learning about leadership and co-op play.

Board games likewise learn about the importance of how to be a good loser. Every time nobody can win anything and playing the game gives children an opportunity to make on their losing skills. Trust me, all children have to know with grace.

Enables parents and kids to enjoy quality time together

Board games help you have more family time. It’s an excellent way to get people together and make your family bond stronger. Children will love to have fun with you and not sit up in front of a screen. Gaming allows parents and children to spend time together in greater quality.

You are incredibly busy when you’re a parent and a board game is a perfect way to sit down and play with your kids.

Strengthens social competencies such as exchanging

Games improve social knowledge and teach kids how to learn how to share. Also, it informs them how to function as a team and that winning is not just a game. These are really useful and important qualities to learn from a young age.

Playing Board Games has educational benefits

The board games offer other educational benefits. They can enhance several different abilities including fine motor skills, math skills, cognitive skills, and much more.

We improve brain function and educate kids about their behaviors and effects. Playing games encourage children to make hard decisions and think forwards. Furthermore, games increase reasoning function and memory and help children concentrate for longer periods.

What Reasons did we choose these Board Games?

Whenever it came to selecting the best games to review here, there were several things considered. Continue reading to find out why we’ve gone for the games above.

Family-friendly Board Game

Both these games are family-friendly at 100 percent and are highly regarded by parents. These are the top 5-year-old board games and have lots of entertainment and laughter ahead of them.

The directions are simple, very straightforward, and detailed and there are not many small parts to put together from the games so they are easy games to get starting.

Teaches children how to enjoy winning and accept the loss

These games teach the children that winning is not all about and that losing is ok. It also teaches kids how to improve as a team, fairly. Many of the games are willing to cooperate which means even more important is teamwork.

Both children would enjoy winning, of course, but playing enjoyable games will help them embrace losing because they have had enjoyed playing the game and not simply winning it.

Educational and fun

These Board games are really fun and educational. All need to offer your child the opportunity to learn and grow, or to exercise an existing skill.

Last but not least, all these board games are great value for money and highly durable, and of excellent quality.

Buying Gide the Best Board Games for 5-Year-Olds

When it comes to finding board games suitable for five yrs. olds, there are so many options available which can make it tough.

When it comes to selecting suitable board games for five-year-olds, there are too many options available that can also make things difficult.

Please confirm, you’re going to want to check out the Guide section for this buyer. We’ve included some extra information that will make it much easier for your 5-year-old to find that perfect board game.

Genders Playing

That one of the things you should consider even before looking at the top 5 yr old games is for whom you get them. Practically speaking both boys and girls can play all the games we reviewed above. There are others, however, to which girls may be more inclined and others which boys may prefer.

So let’s take a looking at the differences for girls and boys below among board games.


This review includes various games for boys. The Cars 3 Junior variation of Monopoly, for instance, may be something they love. It is because the characters they love from the movie include.


Girls age 5 may tend to play games like Mermaid Island or Candy Land for example. That’s because the style and colors used for these games are something that appears to appeal more to children. And if your girl doesn’t like games like this every other one we have included here is perfect about her and we make it a point here not to push girls into a ‘girlie’ stereotype like so many do.

Types of Better Board Games for 5-Year-Olds

You’ll have noticed after reading through our analysis that there is a wide variety of board games that are available. While you struggled to find out what the various forms were, this is the section for you.


In this review, there are a number of games to play that involve teamwork with five-year-olds. Every player collaborates to try and win the game. It is a fun way to develop your child’s ability to function together in communities.

Travel Friendly

When you’re looking for something to keep them occupied when you’re on the move, travel-friendly options might be among the best choices for 5-year-olds. These types of games are lighter and more portable. So they can be packed conveniently in your backpack and brought out to play without any hassle.

Educational Board Game

Some of the games in this review have an educational aspect but there are some that are more focused than others on this dimension. Games like Scrabble, for instance, are great for improving letter recognition and spelling for your kids. Also, there are strategies to help children improve their critical thinking and the ability to count.


If you think of board games, you usually don’t equate them with inspiring children to play more actively. The game Lava that we reviewed here, though, is interesting because it helps kids run around more. This form of the game can also be better for parties because it can be played outside if you need the extra space or it works just fine inside.

Simplified Board Games

The Monopoly and Scrabble is a great game that is included in the review where the rules have been modified to make them suitable exclusively for 5-yr-olds. As a result, while still fairly young they are able to learn the basics of Monopoly and Scrabble.

When they grow older, you can add them to the more conventional versions. Yet here’s the question for all ages of board games.

FAQs About 6-Year-old Best Board Games

What are the benefits of playing board games?

Children profit in several ways from board games.

The best board games for 6-year-olds help to improve upon many skills but one of the best is their self-esteem. Not only can a child win a game, but learn many other lessons they can apply outside the game board. Some other major advantage of board games is that they continue improving spans of awareness, as no commercial breaks or flashing ads move the attention somewhere else.

Are classic games better for children than more recent games?

Needless to say. For 6-year-olds, the best board games are very often classic games or related to board games. But that really doesn’t matter what age a game is, if kids don’t play the game, they won’t be offered fun or educational value either.

Experiment with the classics, because they are still super cheap and have kept power. But if they don’t like your kids then move on to new games.

Modern games almost always teach more deeply committed ideas that will certainly benefit the kids. Games are sometimes fun while sneaking into a bit of learning about a particular topic because most people prefer to show off their talents and dedicated games to allow them to achieve that goal.

Probably have found the child’s favorite subject, like dinosaurs, and get them to learn a game-oriented around a certain topic but instead trust.

Should let my kid win the game?

Sometimes you should just let the toddler win but it’s not always. To let the children win the whole time helps to create a sense of trust. That will have a negative effect on the life of the child. At almost the same time, failure to let the children win disappointments.

If kids play with older kids, match your abilities to theirs. Make it pretty demanding but not too challenging. Sometimes let them win, by graciously losing. But win whilst playing just because sometimes they would.

If I do change the game rules?

You might modify the memory board game rules if you think that doing so will yield more beneficial effects on the players (children). Nevertheless, be sure to never deviate too much from the basic rules of play. These games aim to help your children develop cognitive skills and this objective will be affected by too much deviation.

Final Thoughts Board Games for 5-Year-Olds

This analysis covers a number of board games for children to ensure you have a clear understanding of the different forms. If you’ve been struggling to pick one that your child would like best, try to ensure you use our buyer’s guide section to provide additional details.

So now you know all about what some of the best games for 5-year-olds have to offer, you can be sure to find your child’s perfect one.

Another advantage of board games is having children think differently and mostly in a represents a strong. This causes juices to move to more aspects of their brain while at the same time increasing the developing brain. Skills such as these are the precursors to organizing, planning, and making good decisions.

Finally, games give kids an opportunity to engage with others in a structured manner. Starting to learn how to communicate with others enhances social skills and builds bonds. Not to consider, at the very same time they are learning how to joke and play for additional advantage.


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