How to Overcome the Problem of Children Stuttering

Who stutters when he is repeatedly interrupted while talking? There are many reasons for stuttering. Such as a brain injury or severe trauma. Children stuttering or speech impediment is a type of physical disorder; which is why some people say the same word over and over again. Many times a word is dragged out to make it too long, and this unintentional problem disrupts the normal pace of speech.

Who is Stuttering?

  • If there is a history of stuttering among family members
  • Usually occurs within two to five years. Boys are three to four times more likely than girls
  • About 5 percent of people experience stuttering at some point in their lives

Children Stuttering

There are Usually Three Types of Children Stuttering

  • Repetition: A part of a word is also to repeat twelve words
  • Prolongation: Saying any one letter of a word brings unnecessary tension
  • Interrupted: Interrupted before uttering words or stuck for a few moments while talking. In this case, they are unable to use the tongue, lips, and larynx for some time.

Children Stuttering

What to Do to Overcome the Problem of Children Stuttering

Speak slowly, not quickly. If children under the age of 6 stutter, do not repeatedly remind or stress them out. Encourage him when he is not stuttering.

Since the first letter of the word is more stuck, start the first letter of the word with comparative time.

Refrain from laughing and joking about stuttering. Don’t ask extra questions to someone who is stuttering.

Breathe well before speaking and then ask to speak. So that there is enough time to talk. Try to practice the special letters or words that have more stuttering.

Children Stuttering Causes Problems

Stuttering is not a congenital problem. There are multiple causes of stuttering. Stuttering problems can occur due to genetics. If the parents have a stuttering problem, it can also happen to the child.

Many times the direction of the child’s hand is reversed. Many work with the left hand without using the right hand. In that case, if you try to change the direction of the hand by force from childhood, then a stuttering problem may occur.

Most children stutter at an early age. Which later became fixed. If he is pressured to pronounce correctly from a young age, his results may be reversed. The baby may stutter.

If two children grow up at the same time and the stuttering continues to imitate a child, then at some point it becomes a habit. In this case, he may stutter.

Stuttering can also cause by neurogenic factors. If someone gets a serious head injury at a young age, it can also lead to speech problems. This problem can also occur at an older age.

If the child pressured to speak at an early age, the child may stutter. So the child will learn to speak in his normal way. He should not be pressured.

Parents Have to Do With the Stuttering of the Child

Parents have an indirect or direct role in solving any problem of the child. Parentages can understand the symptoms of stuttering first. In that case, they need to be counseled by themselves. An experienced speech therapist should contact if necessary. If left unmanaged, they left astray and lose the right path. Any stress can increase stuttering. So parents should be alert at all times.

If there is stuttering of parents, it can also happen to the child. In that case, parents must be vigilant. If the father has stuttered, then in 25 percent of the cases the child has the same problem. If both parents have this problem, then 50-65 percent of the time the child has the same problem.

When a child is two to two and a half years old, his parents need to be aware of this. Because good results were obtained when treatment started at this age. At this age, there is a chance to solve 100 percent of the problems.

Treatment of Children Stuttering

It is possible to cure stuttering 100 percent if the treatment is started from the very beginning following the correct treatment method. However, even if the treatment starts late, it is possible to reduce stuttering. In this case, if the treatment is started within 3-6 months of the onset of symptoms, then the stuttering of a child under 5 years of age is cured 100 percent. It is also possible to reduce stuttering by 70-80 percent in adults. Adults must practice at home. One-and-a-half hours of practice required every day.

The only cure for stuttering is “therapy”. An experienced therapist can completely cure stuttering through therapy at the right time. There are three parts to therapy: individual therapy, group therapy, and counseling therapy. The first two are part of speech therapy.

Final Word

If the child has symptoms of children stuttering, the parents can understand first. In that case, counseling needs to be done by oneself. If left unmanaged, they left astray and lose the right path. Any stress can increase stuttering. So parents should be alert at all times.

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