INEX Life Foam Safety Bed Rail Bumper

The INEX Life foam safety bed rail bumper is perfect for making the move from a crib to a bed. It is made of high-density memory foam and includes a removable non-slip cover that can be washed away. The INEX Life foam safety bed rail bumper is firm enough to make it impossible for a child to roll over and the foam is easy enough to crawl over intentionally, to get into and out of bed.

Give your child the sense of protection that a great night’s sleep requires. A superior alternative to the awkward sliding metal guard rails is the INEX Life foam safety bed rail bumper.

The INEX Life foam safety bed rail bumper ensures your child’s safety by triggering their passive-defense response anytime they come near the edge of the bed. Your child will know when they touch the bed rail bumper that they are near to falling off the bed and start moving away from the edge, without waking up.INEX Life Foam Safety Bed Rail

INEX Life Bed Rail Bumper Innovative Bed

INEX Life bumper rail soft foam bed free, reliable & discreet. Like conventional dangerous, big, folded, heavy, metal bed rails & doors, foam bed bumper doesn’t trap your kid like Bed bumper is great for any age (toddlers, children, adults) and any size bed (twin, king, queen, double).

Needs to support potty-training requirements or physical disabilities when maneuvering comfortably in and out of beds, at home, or riding on the floor in resorts, traveling, or family visits.INEX Life Foam Safety Bed Rail Bumper

Secure and Smooth Transition

They may roll, toss, and turn whilst your child is sleeping. Slight safety security will softly alert your child of being close to the bottom.

Passive safety defense will softly alert them of the bumper rail which will consciously cause a reflex instinct to step away from the danger of the end of the stage, without anyone interrupting their quiet sleep.

Make the change smooth & secure with the bed when it is time to move from crib to bed.

INEX Life Bed Rail Bumper Easy Installation

Erase the bed bumper from the plastic vacuum packaging and allow the foam to bounce back to its original shape. Position the INEX Life bed rail bumper at the edge corner of the mattress, under-fitted cover, with the non-slip flat side down.

No uncomfortable sliding metal parts or pipes that feature traditional bed rails. No fasteners, pins, broken or missing pieces.INEX Life Foam Safety Bed Rail Bumper (1)

INEX Life Bed Rail Bumper Care and washing

Take the foam pad bumper off to wash the sheet. Zip the cover on a gentle loop, closed it before sticking it in the washing machine. Cover your rail bumper from foam pad, which is unaffected by nighttime injuries & spilled sippy cups.

Perfect Size

Built and engineered in light of the active sleeper. The bed rail is 48 “long, 7” wide, and 4.5 “tall.

Secure and Non-Toxic

Without PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, & polyurethane, the INEX Life soft foam bed rail bumper is made.

The flexible style is tailored to your ever-changing needs

  • Place yourself between parents to co-sleep with baby peacefully.
  • Set on the edges of a twin, full, queen, or king bed to assist a safe transition from a crib to your toddler or young child.
  • Keep active adult sleepers in place, use it for the protection of seniors or as a cover for pillows.


A comfortable travel bag is bundled with the INEX Life bed bumper. Fold the bed rail easily so that when you don’t need them they can take with you anywhere, or stored.

Appropriately designed and engineered to provide an affordable and convenient bumper system for the bed rail to parents. Installs in seconds and fits perfectly on any bed of any size. For adequate defense, using one bumper or a place on both edges of the board.

Start creating a safe and peaceful place to sleep.

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