Best ZOE Stroller Review 2023

You might have come across ZOE strollers at some stage if you’re looking for a compact, lightweight, and versatile stroller for your toddler. There are three single models that for the last couple of years have quite successful. These are ZOE XL1 BEST v2, ZOE XLC BEST v2, and ZOE XLT TRIP.

You’re interested in which stroller is better? Read my complete ZOE stroller analysis and comparison and find out which one for you and your baby would be the best.

For travelers, this stroller has a storage bin, back pocket, cup holder, and snack holders. With a zippered panel and a mesh peek-a-boo shutter, the BEST has the biggest canopy in the party that makes spying on small ones a snap.

The ZOE stroller is not the easiest way to step away from paved surfaces, and the consistency of the materials used in its construction did not impress us that much.

We do assume, however, that the ZOE stroller is simple to use, has a nice interface, and parents will love its features. This makes it a top-performing, very reasonably priced stroller that we believe parents would love.

Zoe Trip Stroller

While these designs are so light, they generally have many awesome features that full-sized strollers provide. ZOE strollers are very convenient for both parents and children, thanks to these features.

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Zoe Stroller Features and Benefits

The Zoe stroller has some of the most convenient and practical features I’ve seen.

Zoe Stroller Weight

Zoe’s Twin and side-by-side double strollers both come in at 17 pounds, which is slightly smaller than most of the market’s single strollers. After long days with your kids, you can appreciate the lightweight of the stroller when you have packed the stroller and carried it long distances, whether you have an older relative who wants to drive the stroller and a number of other scenarios. In transportation, it will not take much time to drive the stroller or lug it around.


There is a sizeable amount of space for Zoe strollers. The stroller is slightly less than 4 feet tall, just under 3 feet wide, and about 3 feet deep when it is open.


The canopies and backrests are also deteriorating separately. With the canopy folded back over them, one child will sit up straight while the other lies back with their canopy pulled deep over them to a comfortable 165 degrees.


Zoe Strollers come according to their own backpack that they carry. You can toss the lightweight stroller over your shoulder when driving and have your hands free for other necessities.


It is one of the lightest strollers on the market, at just 11 lbs. This stroller is great not only as an everyday stroller but also ideal for families who often travel. It doesn’t take much time to push it and this is the ideal stroller if you have a long day of walking ahead of you. Owing to how light it is, it is capable of walking up hills without much effort.


To keep your little one secured, the Zoe Stroller has a 5-point-harness system. Kids don’t like being tied down, so it’s great for an active child, trying to escape but failing.

You do not tighten them too tight because kids do like to have freedom, so we allow them to sit up. Toddlers love to be able to see everything, but they are still safe.


In all three strollers, the handlebars look the same, but they have different heights. The handlebars are 40.25′′ from the edge.

In addition, each stroller has a recessed rear axle to provide older parents with more space behind the stroller. People who are over 6ft tall do not kick the rear axle or wheels when walking thanks to this feature.

These handlebars are non-adjustable, so after long-distance strolls, you can feel wrist fatigue if you’re very short or very tall.


The XLC model has the best parking brake among these three ZOE strollers. At the center of the rear axle is a one-touch pedal. When you press it and lift it, it is easy to reach and works very smoothly while wearing sandals.

Dual-action brakes, so that two pedals must be pushed or raised to activate or disengage the brake. This form of brake is less convenient and easier to use. Moreover, if you’re wearing open-toe shoes, the pedals are hard to release.

I certainly prefer to have a single one-touch brake bar. Setting and releasing it is really simple and it’s even flip flop fun.

ZOE Stroller Accessories

Strollers are perfect for parents and not just for kids. We use our kid’s stroller to carry a lot of things we don’t want to carry. To make your life simpler, there are a number of accessories available for strollers. We have a traveling fan, stroller clips, and mosquito cover to keep our kids cool. For Zoe strollers, here are the helpful accessories available.

ZOE Stroller Carrying Straps

There are stroller-carrying belts available if we don’t want the travel bag to be used. We may use one to carry on one shoulder or, like a backpack, use both to carry. Since the travel bag is simpler for us, we don’t think we’ll use the straps.

ZOE Stroller Travel Bag

As it makes traveling easier and keeps the stroller clean, we love the stroller travel bag. We know we don’t have much influence over the weather, but I’ve been watching strollers sit in the rain for 10-20 minutes outside.

Without taking up space in your luggage or carry-on, it’s a convenient way to carry more things, plus gate checking is free. It is like getting an extra bag for free.

ZOE Stroller Parent Organizer

As I am always searching for something, the parent organizer is a lifesaver for us. There is a secret pocket that is useful for storing things in your pockets that you do not want to keep. Given that there are other alternatives, I think the price is a little high.

Storage Basket

The ZOE strollers both have a mesh basket. The storage room is not large, but you can fit a baby’s backpack or a small diaper bag and a blanket there.

The back and sides of the storage basket are made of mesh and elastic, so even when the seat is completely reclined, you will have convenient access to your necessities. From the back and from both sides, you will take your stuff in and out. And this basket is roomier. You’ll be able to accommodate your medium-size diaper bag there.

Why You Will Love ZOE Stroller

Each stroller has very lightweight folds that are easy to store and transport in a small car, even in a small apartment. Because these strollers weigh so little, they have a pleasant deep recline that gives naps a convenient and cozy spot. It also is a very well-equipped stroller, but this ZOE stroller is affordable.


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