Best Colugo Stroller Review 2023

Are you looking for a smaller Colugo stroller for your baby? You’ve found the right spot! Read on for my analysis if you happen to be curious about the Colugo stroller. Some of those individuals are totally reliant on online reviews. When I buy things, I take a good look at the review.

In the hopes that they can help anyone out during those late-night shopping sessions. I’ve been trying to share my thoughts on items more often. Read on to find out why one of my latest favorites is the Colugo stroller.

The Colugo stroller was developed to meet the demands of busy parents who want to carry their children to the city for adventures. That was lightweight, simple to fold or extend with a single movement of the hand, and equipped with smart accessories such as a rain cover that folds into a small pocket.Best Colugo Stroller

Although most stroller products sell via a distribution network, Iobst designed Colugo with no middleman discount as a direct-to-consumer brand, enabling him to sell the stroller for $285, around a third less than competitive models on the market.

The Colugo a Little Bit of the Brand History

After twin parents and founder, Ted Iobst, and his wife realized how daunting and frustrating the stroller shopping experience can Colugo is a fairly young company that launched in 2017 and then realized that the stroller they bought did not seem to fit what they wanted for city living. They found most of us had the same problems after talking with other parents.

Colugo first started out with the lightweight stroller and has since introduced the Colugo Complete Stroller, which is tailored towards families living in the area, to the full-frame stroller.

In a few situations, compact strollers are great

  • When you live in a city where you’re likely to have a smaller living room where you don’t have the luxury of parking in the garage with giant strollers, and you’re more likely to need to negotiate the Ubers, the subways, and the packed sidewalks.
  • When you fly by airplane with your infant.
  • If you have a smaller car with a smaller trunk, so that’s it.

The Price Colugo Stroller

The price of the Colugo Full Stroller around half the price- of $450, compared to the Uppababy or Bugaboo. Most of the savings due to the fact that, instead of a third-party manufacturer, the stroller shipped directly from Colugo.

The Weight Colugo Stroller

The frame weighs fifteen pounds. The stroller weighs 24.5 pounds in total with a cushion. Weighing over 25 pounds, most other full-frame strollers will.

Facility of Usage

The one-hand fold is the favored function by far. With two kids to keep track of, you just love the fact that, without a second thought, you can quickly fling it open and closed. The carrying harness makes keeping kids simple when juggling the stroller as well. This one is much, much better in comparison to the others.

Folding and Unfolding

In just a few steps, the Colugo Full stroller opens up and collapses. This makes it easier for the trunk to taken out and placed back in. In addition, the stroller has a lightweight fold so that it can be stored conveniently when out at a restaurant.

The Comfort and Style

The comfort layer add is not just beautiful to look at, for your toddler it is really plush and cozy. You’ll probably appreciate that the part of the seat was comfortable and wide and long enough to sit on her legs. Your toddler just looked like she could spread her legs and relax. This is certainly not a characteristic of other compact strollers that you’ve found.

The stroller is durable, smooth moving, and truly easy to maneuver, built for children six months and older who weigh less than 55 pounds.

Colugo Stroller Accessories

The Rain cover:

The rain cover has been included in the main stroller price, mostly sold as a separate and costly accessory by other manufacturers, and was very easy to put on without the instructions being required. It covered the whole stroller and was very spacious inside for the kid.

The carrying bag:

It was good to have the carrying bag, also included with the stroller, and not super quick to get the stroller. It’s worth remembering that the diaper backpack with the stroller would not fit in a carrying bag. I’ve seen other stroller models that we can roll like a rolling suitcase behind you, but we don’t think that was the use-case for which Colugo was going, and we’re not sure how important that’s-why not just put your kid in the stroller and push her?Colugo Stroller Accessories

The diaper backpack:

Colugo’s diaper backpack is a small, no-frills but thoughtfully designed backpack designed to hold. The necessities for your baby’s diapers, wipes, and changing pad, as well as a bottle with its own insulated pocket. It has also been built to fit comfortably in the carrying basket of the stroller.

Maneuverability, Ride and Build Quality was Colugo Stroller’s

The Colugo stroller, as we described above, has a surprisingly smooth ride and feels well-balanced, making pleasure for one-handed turns.

This is partly due to a balanced nature, and partly due to the wheels that are puncture-proof but not the hard-plastic models. You’ll find it on other small strollers, including the Mountain Buggy Nano, a Colugo rival.

The Colugo finally actually feels well-built. It has curb appeal and you can match your style with its range of designs and, despite the lightweight nature firmly designed.

Happy Ending the Best Colugo Stroller

Even so, both reviewers said that they would wholeheartedly recommend the Colugo stroller, considering the shortcomings. For all the features it provides, it is well built, feature-rich, and exceptionally well-priced. At this price point, there are a few small urban strollers that can equal that. Disney travelers use the Colugo stroller in most cases.

This is a wonderful stroller. It can certainly be used as a travel stroller, but frankly, it is versatile enough to also be a regular day-to-day stroller. I understand that it’s a parent company because there were so many pain points discussed here that I’ve had on strollers in the past.

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