How to Clean a Stroller | Baby Stroller Cleaning Tips & Tricks

How to clean a stroller? We present a simple cleaning guide that you can follow when clean a stroller.

There will be no doubt the grubby creatures are babies and toddlers. Between spit-up, snacks, and dirty boots, you’re bound to just get messy with your child’s stroller and car seat.

Random stains such as chocolate or pen will probably find you on their way to your stroller. But how do you get a clean stroller?

However are our top tips to make your baby stroller look shiny and fresh again, to make your job a little easier by using only household products?

Why Need to Keep it Clean?

Did you know that children’s equipment and toys contain germs? Strollers saw as the number one carrier of germs?

Since children have much lower immunity than adults, it’s necessary to ensure that everything with which they come into daily contact is clean and germ-free. Daily cleaning is important since most parents use a stroller on a regular basis.

How Many Days After Cleaning It?

If you don’t start cleaning your stroller as soon as possible after the trip, the task of cleaning will become more difficult in the future. After each use, it is a good idea to clean. If you are in a hurry, it needs to be cleaned to keep it ready for the next day’s trip.Stroller Cleaning Guide (1)

A Step-by-Step Stroller Cleaning Guide

Clean following the manufacturer’s instructions

The first-ever thing you can do is read the directions for the cleaning of your specific stroller from the manufacturer. Toddler strollers are produced from various materials, some of which need special care. They may have products that are flame retardant or water repellent.

How to clean fabric stroller seats?

From time to time, baby strollers need cleaning as they collect environmental grime and dirt. A few hours of daytime babysitting on the pram means a huge mess, given that babies are likely to eat and sleep on the stroller.

By side, remove the canopy and the removable padded parts of the stroller. Place the fabrics of these strollers aside for cleaning.

Wash and clean the fabrics with mild soap or laundry detergent, using cold water. Use a damp cloth and soapy water to clean the fabrics and the canopy, and scrub any soiled areas using a soft fabric brush. Care to clean and scrub rough surfaces, such as the handles of the stroller, as well. Let them air dry in a warm place afterward.

Some strollers allow you to remove the seat and canopy fabric and do a gentle machine wash cycle. Many umbrella or compact strollers, however, do not offer this option. You would need to clean the fabric on the frame if it cannot be separated from the stroller.

How to clean stroller wheels?

It is possible that your stroller wheels are the part of the stroller that gets the most care and attention. It is important to clean them often if you regularly take your stroller to the beach, as the combination of sand and salt will harm the turning mechanism over time. If you are out and about and the wheels get dirty, before taking your stroller to your car or getting it home, you’ll want to wash them.

Separate the stroller wheels from the frame of the stroller. To clean your stroller wheels, prepare a mixture of soapy water. Using a damp piece of cloth and/or a hard brush, apply it and the dirt and mud can quickly fall off.

As you could alter the lubrication of the wheels, remember never to submerge your stroller wheels in the water. Buying a Teflon-type lubricant that is non-sticky is a smart idea, and any time you need it, you can apply it freely to the wheel mechanisms. Since they tend to accumulate dirt and dust, try to avoid oil or silicone lubricants.

How to clean the stroller frame?

Make sure you remove every part of the stroller you can before cleaning your stroller frame. Detach the fabric of the bench, the wheels, and remove any loose items in the storage basket, such as the rain cover and any toys.

The stroller frame can quickly wash using a combination of soapy water and a damp piece of cloth. You can use an old towel to keep your stroller frame for any excess water.

Please ensure you inspect the frame parts for any defects. To improve their performance, check the breaks and apply some Teflon-style lubricant if necessary.

If cleaning your stroller, as the handlebar mechanism or breaks may get harmed, remember to avoid submerging any of the stroller frame parts into the water.

Regular Maintenance

You’ll want to keep on top of things with occasional cleanings after you’ve completed a thorough cleaning.

Keeping your stroller as tidy as you can have countless advantages. Your child can not only travel on a surface that is safe, mold-free, and mildew-free. You will prolong your stroller’s life, and who knows, you will be able to sell it in excellent condition as a second-hand stroller!


When cleaning, follow these easy steps and you can expect your stroller for your next family trip to be as good as new again. But if your stroller already beyond repair and cleaning, come to us and we’ll help you select a new one! If you’re looking for your child’s best stroller or car seat, or if you just want to learn more about child passenger safety, then give us a call at Taxi Baby! We place and retain the safety of your child as our top priority. Our team will please to assist with your needs for your stroller or car seat and any inquiry you have to keep your family travels comfortable and depressed.

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